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Global Vergne Equity Advisory, LLC
Jackie Vergne
19 Rock Ridge Road
Denville, NJ 07834
(201) 317-1228
Hours: 7 AM EST to 9 PM EST
CEO & President
Categories: Funding, Equity, Capital, Funding, VC, Family Offices
Keywords: Funding, Equity, Private Equity, VC’s, Family Offices
Business Description:
Head of International Global Equity Capital Markets.

It is the fastest & most efficient way to raise capital, worldwide.  These are all investors from over 30 years being in the industry with high net worth individuals.  Each investor is vetted.  


"Meet Jackie Vergne, PhD– a powerhouse in the world of global connections. 
Jackie is the driving force behind Vergne Advisory, a platform dedicated to turning dreams into reality. Specializing in equity fundraising, Jackie has successfully raised an average of $1M+ for various ventures. She goes beyond the numbers, meticulously crafting compelling PowerPoints and financial strategies to ensure success.

In a nutshell, Jackie Vergne has a passionate advocate for making dreams come true through strategic and impactful fundraising."

Jackie Vergne



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Areas of Assistance:
Funding, Equity funding - I own an equity platform Start ups, need of funding
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Funding, Start ups Equity Funding $1M or more

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