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JOPTIMAN Consultancy
Joyce Sakwe
303 Holly Circle
Po Box 3411
Clarksville, TN 37043
(931) 266-6424
CEO/ Magazine Publisher
Categories: Finances, Financial services, retirement, life insurance, annuities, savings, college tuition, business
Keywords: Finances, Financial services, retirement, money, insurance, investment, retirement,life insurance, annuities, savings, college tuition, business
Business Description:
  • Advertise in our upcoming national insurance agent and sales magazine with a 1BC discount!


  • Need affordable health insurance as a business owner? Talk to us and get the coverage you need. We offer individual and group health insurance. 
  • Protect and preserve your business with financial solutions that will leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren. Ask about our financial services. We are here for you. Thanks!
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Areas of Assistance:
We are looking to network with other businesses as we help to protect their businesses, estates, and legacies. We help with college planning and to prepare emergency funds. We are also looking to hire new financial professionals/ agents.

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