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Key Point Connections LLC
Donna Sylvester
7905 SW Carol Glen Pl
Beaverton, OR 97007
(303) 618-3455
Independent Affiliate
Keywords: Referrals, Marketing, Follow Up, Realtor, Mortgage, Customer Care, SendOutCards,
Business Description:
How do businesses today create a connection cuts through the onslaught of content that characterizes our world? Email, text messages, social media, direct mail, bus stop benches, bill boards, TV commercials and more! How do we reach out in a way that recipients don’t fail to open, delete or opt out? How do we stay top of mind in a way that adds value? What can we do that is different from the competition?

Personalization is key. Tangible touch stands apart.

SendOutCards is an 18-year-old international company created to make it easier to express kindness, appreciation, and recognition. To make the world, including the business world, a better place through building strong personal connections. It is the power of human connection that fuels business growth, expands networks and creates a steady flow of referrals.

As an Independent Affiliate since 2010, I have sent over 13,000 cards.

The company provides an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to send a tangible touch to customers, prospects, employees, vendors and network partners. Create a card with a personal message and photo on a computer or mobile app. Perhaps add a gift. Click send and the company mails a physical greeting card anywhere in the world. No more searching the card aisle for a message that ‘sort of’ says what you want to say. No more waiting in line at the post office and licking stamps. No more hand-addressing hundreds of envelopes at the holidays.

Create cards one at a time in less than 2 minutes, mail to large groups, schedule birthday and anniversary cards, or send cards out in a series over time.
The company offers an incredible blend of high touch and high tech.  Users access an online catalog of thousands of ready-to-go cards or build their own from a blank template using a variety of card formats from postcards, 5 x 7 cards and even an 8 x 10 cards. The mobile app is especially helpful to those who are out on calls all day. And there is a Virtual Assistance service that will set up the database, gather addresses and send cards for those who want the support.

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