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Donahue Claims Services, Inc.
Patrick Donahue
5704 w 71st pl
Arvada, CO 80003
(720) 561-9170
Hours: 8am to 7pm Mon-Fri
Categories: Public Adjuster
 With five years experience we have settled over a thousand property claims. We can handle your claim from initial inspection to final settlement. Insurance sends their expert to negotiate the loss now you have an expert in your corner.

Most policy owners don't know that they are responsible for proving the scope of loss and leave that responsibility with insurance. This leaves thousands of dollars that should be used for repairs. We work for you to ensure you get every dollar you need to make you whole again.
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Lakewood / SW Metro
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Fort Collins
Areas of Assistance:
I help clients through the entire claims process from initial estimate to paying the crews once the project has been completed.
Ideal Connection:
I'm building my firm with a strong focus on helping single family homeowners.

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