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Design To Fashion LLC
Anne Kuehn
Broomfield, CO 80020
(720) 984-2815
Categories: Clothing, Fashion, Product Development,
 Anne Kuehn is originally from England. She went to one of those fancy private schools that Americans only ever hear about in movies. Talk about uniform umbrellas!

Anne is the founder of Design To Fashion LLC, an independent designer, freelance pattern maker, and teacher.

We’ve all had moments when we are left sitting in line waiting for something or someone. A perfect recipe for boredom, right? Not for Anne, spotting the dos and don’ts of street clothing styles is how she draws the inspiration for her own creations.

For Anne making patterns that fit each garment or style effectively is a puzzle that has to be done just right. She independently designs her own styles and transforms ideas into tangible patterns; no more struggles with ill-fitting clothes. Anne is committed to using her skills to empower others to take their designs from the drawing board to reality through product development and made-to-measure solutions.
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Offering Made-to-Measure clothing solutions for the fashion industry.
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