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Why One Business Connection

  • 1BC has been around since 1997 helping businesses connect and grow.
  • Greg Petri, founder, has been in sales and marketing since 1978, and has the personal expertise to help you sell more and work by referral.
  • 1BC is a local Colorado company, but can help you create community anywhere in the world.
  • 1BC has a track record of generating millions and millions of dollars for its members. If you want to get results, 1BC has the connections and systems to help you.
  • 1BC is based on this one absolutely effective idea: "You become what you think about most of the time." – Earle Nightingale.
  • 1BC is a positive success organization based on empowering ideas, books to read, and amazing people to meet that will grow who you know and who you are.

Attract New Customers

  • It is a fact that all companies, no matter the size, will grow by 76% through referral and strategic alliances.
  • 1BC is the expert on how to work by referral.
  • Read the book you can now buy in our online store: The Power of ONE Business Connection, written by the founder of 1BC, Greg Petri.
  • 1BC has helped, met or engaged with thousands and thousands of businesses, from startups to fortune 500 companies. We have the ideas, the connections, and the ways to help you expand who you know, and how to get the results in business that you are looking for.
  •  If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional with any size of company, 1BC can help you attract the kind of customers you are looking for.

Call Greg Petri today and he can explain more, 303.818.2460. P.S. Or to go our calendar of events, and let us know you would like to attend a referral group near you.

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