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1BC is the premier networking organization.  Started in 1997, we are the experts in how to networking, how to work by referral, how to sell and market better.  1BC is continually coming up with new benefits that can help you get more  value, more customers with social media, main stream marketing, and new ideas and technologies to keep you on the forefront of how to grow your business.

The best way to really see how 1BC separates itself with inspiration and education, is to attend a referral meeting near you.  Check out our calendar online.


"Emphasize everything and you emphasize nothing."
--Herschell Gordon Lewis-- Advertising and direct-marketing guru

Some people are excited about marketing, some are intimidated by it...One Business Connection makes it easy....

One Business Connection is an Alternative Chamber of Commerce.  How many different marketing strategies are working for you?  Are you tracking their results.  Are  you keeping up with social media?  Are you reading and learning and going to seminars? 

According to Dan Kennedy, a master in marketing, he says we are all in the same business. "That business is marketing our businesses." 

1BC is the leader in getting you the ideas and the cutting edge breakthroughs to create more referrals, get more referrals from your loyal clients  and how grow your business with effective marketing.


Do You Know the Answers to These Questions:


  • What is my target market?
  • What is my marketing message?
  • How should I update my marketing materials?
  • Should I do a year-long marketing plan?
  • How do I do a complete strategic analysis of all my marketing, databases, Google, etc.?
  • How can I get discounts in advertising?
  • What media are the best for my particular company?
  • How do I sell more, train my sales people better?
  • And of how to use referral  groups to market my company?
  • What new things must I do today to keep ahead of the curve?
  • Do I really understand the most effective ways to use social media and the internet?
  • What books and audio programs should I be devouring to get this information?


Email us today at greg@onebusiness.com or call at 303.818.2460 to get on board.


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