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About One Business Connection

Chambers of Commerce Denver, Colorado - One Business Connection

1BC is an alternative chamber of commerce focused on marketing, but that is just the beginning!

Since 1997 1BC has been inspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, and individuals to create the lives they want and desire, through referral meetings, success seminars, masterminds, and more. Start taking advantage of the incredible breadth of connections we have been developing over these decades.

1BC is all about expanding who you are and who you know (and by doing this), then you absolutely will expand your ideas of what is possible in your business and life.


If you know you have so much more to offer?

If you want to have a positive influence and be of service to your community?

Then take a look around the website. You will see that we are so much more than just another leads group– or business organization. See for yourself what this success culture is really all about.

Find out how 1BC (this network of positive and like-minded people) has created a success culture you just can't find in any other business networking groups in any metro area near you. 

Business Networking Denver, Colorado – One Business Connection

  • 1BC has been in business since 1997, and is the leader in referral marketing, in expanding who you know and who you are.
  • Have you read, Think Your Way to Wealth, the E-Myth, Goals, or The One Thing? If you believe that success is really a state of mind, that you become what you think about, that the only limitations are in your head, that you can create anything you want, then you are beginning to understand what 1BC is all about.
  • 1BC has its own success library, and can send you the best 100 books ever written on success, motivation and inspiration.
  • 1BC is a success organization that puts you in contact with the connections, the ideas, and the people you need to grow your business.
  • Find more by attending a 1BC referral group near you.

Or call Greg Petri directly 303.818.2460 and he can give you the information you need to plug in to this amazing success network or even begin your own influential group in a city or country where you live.

1BC Referral Groups

1BC Referral Groups

Attend Approximately 100 Networking Events a Month.

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1BC Success Leadership Events

Success Leadership Events

Grow You in Just 3 Hours Every Month.

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1BC Franchises

1BC Franchises

Own a Lifestyle Business with Multiple Streams of Income.

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1BC Mastermind Groups

Success in Business and in Life

Catapult Your Success in Business and in Life.

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