Your First Habit of Success

What do you do, can you do, should you do that will result in the life you want? 

You already have habits of success, so take those habits and expand them.  You can take those things that don’t serve you and get rid of them, or do less of them.  You can do those things that you do not do, on a consistent basis, then make them the basis; make them a requirement rather than a “maybe” or “someday” or “when I feel like it.”

How about make a simple list of the habits of success you know are important, and then be focused, committed, and believe you can do them, you can to add them to a day, to everyday; then subtract the ones that you need to get rid of like TV, like listening to sports on the radio, like shopping when you want to feel better, like eating sugar or food after 8p, like letting the sacred mind think unholy thoughts: Bad thinking, and limited thinking of negation, fear, discouragement or doubt.

Now what one habit is absolutely required for you to fly, to expand, to live the magical life?

First, I think, we all need to start with this one simple question:  What is it that I need first?  What do I need, right now, this day, this moment, before anything else, before any demands are made of me, before I agree to do more, before I can give correctly, in the best way, with the least amount of harm, in the most beneficial way for this world?

Too often, we are so committed to what needs to get done, to work, to a job, to a family, to putting out fires, to what is expected of us, to the immediate that we do not refresh ourselves; we do not do the things that will inspires us and give us the energy and creativity and imagination to flourish in a world of progressive distractions.

Why not ask this simple question? What do I need?  Do I need more sleep?  Do I need to lose weight?  Do I need to be alone, in nature, in the mountains?  Do I need to take more mini-vacations, meditate, read more, dream more, work on that creative project more?

What is it that I need to refuel, to nourish my very essence?  How can I do this daily?  How do I do this, consistently, selfishly, so that I can be unselfish with my massive amounts of energy and hyper-intentionality, focus and love of living the adventurous and magical life?

“Me first” will inspire your soul.  “Me first” is not selfish as much as necessary for you to act and do and be and create and genuflect in the right direction, with the right actions, with the right state of mind, with the right wisdom of giving and helping and achieving and adding more to this world.

What do you need?  This can be as simple as getting a great night’s sleep, or hiring a maid, or an assistant, or taking time (daily) to focus on your dreams, or writing down a plan, goals, spending more time with your children, waking up an hour early to meditate or write or do something positive (first thing) to set the tone for the entire day.

Do not discount how vital it is for you to rejuvenate your very being.  Do the things that will light you up, will inspire you, will give you back your very lightness of being, not just doing a thing that is a distraction, or an avoidance, like more video games, or TV, or buying more stuff when you don’t feel good, to fill a void.

You know what excites you, and if you do not, discover the power in a great night’s sleep, in setting goals, in reading empowering books, in hiking in the mountains, or along a secluded trail, or eating clean, or exercising daily, or doing something that you love that is creative, or settling like planting flowers, gardening, redecorating, or planning out your next great achievement.

It is your highest calling to do what is vital to you, and you can do this by taking care of what your real needs are, so that you can elevate your game, so that you can stay inspired, you can rise above the mediocrity we all let ourselves stay in, at times, for way too long.

Today, inspire your very essence and you will know the path.  You will see the next step.  You will achieve more, attract more opportunity, more abundance, more options into a life that is now vibrating at a higher level (because you took care of your needs), because you, right now, decide and chose too.

Be the light and you find more light.  Be creative and the creative faucet opens easily each day.  Be happy and more happiness will flood the wondrous life.  Be able to discern what you need and feed it to your spirit, see this spirit inside you and all things and that spirit will enter all places, fill all voids, and give you everything you need to so you can believe stronger, dream stronger, and become a stronger you, who is absolutely on fire — who is absolutely unstoppable.

Give yourself what you need to stay in states of higher energies and you will have the impact, the influence and the abundance that you crave, believe in, and deserve.  Do this and you can help more people, add more value to this world.

Do this and you will see and “value what is valuable.”

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