I Am Abundance

When we embody an idea, when we believe that we are that very idea, then it will flow through us; it will become our state of mind; then it is as natural as a morning sunrise, as true as dew, as wondrous as sea foam, as beautiful as the shy moon dangling in the evening sky.

This day, and every day from now on, be abundance, be opportunity, be prosperity, and embrace it all coming into your life, because you believe it, work with it, play with it, watch it grow in a life that is beginning to know no bounds, that is slicing through the limitations. Realize you have a mind, a spirit that is deserving, welcoming, and it can manifest a destiny, can create any reality, can use the imagination to watch things in this life change.

Today, welcome this prosperity into your life, into your consciousness, into a plane of, state of, realization of enough, too much, way more than a lot.  Believe people just want to add to your life, give you money, open up doors, invent more options because you are finally ready, this exact moment in time; you are giving your mind: Conscious, unconscious, subconscious and super-consciousness, all of them, to align in the abundance of an infinite universe that knows no lack, knows only infinite possibilities. You are this universe.  You are this infinity playing as big as you will let the mind think, to let your spirit soar, playing as big as you are willing to give yourself permission to accept, to adore, to be appreciative of all that is good and coming your way.

This is the day you withhold nothing, you gravitate toward the free light, the delight of living, the dreams that are beginning to shine through you.  For you are the dream, dreaming.  You are the spell cast, the vision cast, the hero in your own play and you will add to, give more, enhance, grow, rise into a player in the lives of many, helping those see what they have been blind to see; helping those up into your sky, rekindling their lost or broken dreams, to mend it all into a confluence, a perfection that speaks, acts and appears as opulence, abundance like a faucet that is wide open, turned fully on, flowing as much as you can imagine it as you let it flow magically through you.

Image more, a larger life, a divine spectrum of consciousness that is yours to guide, to align with, that is you living out your adventure that you alone can elevate, that you alone can invent and call out to play.

The only limitations are the limitations that you have let yourself accept.  Accept no more of this nonsense, this playing it small, selling yourself short: Go long, go deep, go as big as you are willing to think and feel and imagine and enjoy and appreciate.  For this life, your life, is not to be ordinary, or mediocre, or small, or myopic; it is totally, absolutely and divinely an expanse that never ends, that has within it crazy things like the speed of light, water as a miracle, and quantum jumps and physics and mechanics that are explained more in probabilities, the many world theories that are so fantastic, so expansive it is like toying with the eternal on a slow day.

Be of this unfettered mind; check your fear and doubt and negation at the door of what you deem is possible today.  Let this prosperity, not only flow into your life, let you, at your core, believe you are prosperity, you are abundance, you are the unraveling of limited thought as you project your perfect view of this world, on to the white and blank canvas of the masterpiece you are painting today, vibrating into the future, as you leave a trail of coins, and treasures, and assets and monogrammed shirts in your toolbox of getting it all.  The symphony of life is to play; your life is to progress and shoot into the stars of what you finally realize are the possibilities from now until forever.

You are abundance.  Everything is coming your way.  You attract prosperity because you deeply, with no doubt, right now completely realize: “I am prosperity.”

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