Your First Habit of Success

What do you do, can you do, should you do that will result in the life you want? 

You already have habits of success, so take those habits and expand them.  You can take those things that don’t serve you and get rid of them, or do less of them.  You can do those things that you do not do, on a consistent basis, then make them the basis; make them a requirement rather than a “maybe” or “someday” or “when I feel like it.”

How about make a simple list of the habits of success you know are important, and then be focused, committed, and believe you can do them, you can to add them to a day, to everyday; then subtract the ones that you need to get rid of like TV, like listening to sports on the radio, like shopping when you want to feel better, like eating sugar or food after 8p, like letting the sacred mind think unholy thoughts: Bad thinking, and limited thinking of negation, fear, discouragement or doubt.

Now what one habit is absolutely required for you to fly, to expand, to live the magical life?

First, I think, we all need to start with this one simple question:  What is it that I need first?  What do I need, right now, this day, this moment, before anything else, before any demands are made of me, before I agree to do more, before I can give correctly, in the best way, with the least amount of harm, in the most beneficial way for this world?

Too often, we are so committed to what needs to get done, to work, to a job, to a family, to putting out fires, to what is expected of us, to the immediate that we do not refresh ourselves; we do not do the things that will inspires us and give us the energy and creativity and imagination to flourish in a world of progressive distractions.

Why not ask this simple question? What do I need?  Do I need more sleep?  Do I need to lose weight?  Do I need to be alone, in nature, in the mountains?  Do I need to take more mini-vacations, meditate, read more, dream more, work on that creative project more?

What is it that I need to refuel, to nourish my very essence?  How can I do this daily?  How do I do this, consistently, selfishly, so that I can be unselfish with my massive amounts of energy and hyper-intentionality, focus and love of living the adventurous and magical life?

“Me first” will inspire your soul.  “Me first” is not selfish as much as necessary for you to act and do and be and create and genuflect in the right direction, with the right actions, with the right state of mind, with the right wisdom of giving and helping and achieving and adding more to this world.

What do you need?  This can be as simple as getting a great night’s sleep, or hiring a maid, or an assistant, or taking time (daily) to focus on your dreams, or writing down a plan, goals, spending more time with your children, waking up an hour early to meditate or write or do something positive (first thing) to set the tone for the entire day.

Do not discount how vital it is for you to rejuvenate your very being.  Do the things that will light you up, will inspire you, will give you back your very lightness of being, not just doing a thing that is a distraction, or an avoidance, like more video games, or TV, or buying more stuff when you don’t feel good, to fill a void.

You know what excites you, and if you do not, discover the power in a great night’s sleep, in setting goals, in reading empowering books, in hiking in the mountains, or along a secluded trail, or eating clean, or exercising daily, or doing something that you love that is creative, or settling like planting flowers, gardening, redecorating, or planning out your next great achievement.

It is your highest calling to do what is vital to you, and you can do this by taking care of what your real needs are, so that you can elevate your game, so that you can stay inspired, you can rise above the mediocrity we all let ourselves stay in, at times, for way too long.

Today, inspire your very essence and you will know the path.  You will see the next step.  You will achieve more, attract more opportunity, more abundance, more options into a life that is now vibrating at a higher level (because you took care of your needs), because you, right now, decide and chose too.

Be the light and you find more light.  Be creative and the creative faucet opens easily each day.  Be happy and more happiness will flood the wondrous life.  Be able to discern what you need and feed it to your spirit, see this spirit inside you and all things and that spirit will enter all places, fill all voids, and give you everything you need to so you can believe stronger, dream stronger, and become a stronger you, who is absolutely on fire — who is absolutely unstoppable.

Give yourself what you need to stay in states of higher energies and you will have the impact, the influence and the abundance that you crave, believe in, and deserve.  Do this and you can help more people, add more value to this world.

Do this and you will see and “value what is valuable.”

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I Am Abundance

When we embody an idea, when we believe that we are that very idea, then it will flow through us; it will become our state of mind; then it is as natural as a morning sunrise, as true as dew, as wondrous as sea foam, as beautiful as the shy moon dangling in the evening sky.

This day, and every day from now on, be abundance, be opportunity, be prosperity, and embrace it all coming into your life, because you believe it, work with it, play with it, watch it grow in a life that is beginning to know no bounds, that is slicing through the limitations. Realize you have a mind, a spirit that is deserving, welcoming, and it can manifest a destiny, can create any reality, can use the imagination to watch things in this life change.

Today, welcome this prosperity into your life, into your consciousness, into a plane of, state of, realization of enough, too much, way more than a lot.  Believe people just want to add to your life, give you money, open up doors, invent more options because you are finally ready, this exact moment in time; you are giving your mind: Conscious, unconscious, subconscious and super-consciousness, all of them, to align in the abundance of an infinite universe that knows no lack, knows only infinite possibilities. You are this universe.  You are this infinity playing as big as you will let the mind think, to let your spirit soar, playing as big as you are willing to give yourself permission to accept, to adore, to be appreciative of all that is good and coming your way.

This is the day you withhold nothing, you gravitate toward the free light, the delight of living, the dreams that are beginning to shine through you.  For you are the dream, dreaming.  You are the spell cast, the vision cast, the hero in your own play and you will add to, give more, enhance, grow, rise into a player in the lives of many, helping those see what they have been blind to see; helping those up into your sky, rekindling their lost or broken dreams, to mend it all into a confluence, a perfection that speaks, acts and appears as opulence, abundance like a faucet that is wide open, turned fully on, flowing as much as you can imagine it as you let it flow magically through you.

Image more, a larger life, a divine spectrum of consciousness that is yours to guide, to align with, that is you living out your adventure that you alone can elevate, that you alone can invent and call out to play.

The only limitations are the limitations that you have let yourself accept.  Accept no more of this nonsense, this playing it small, selling yourself short: Go long, go deep, go as big as you are willing to think and feel and imagine and enjoy and appreciate.  For this life, your life, is not to be ordinary, or mediocre, or small, or myopic; it is totally, absolutely and divinely an expanse that never ends, that has within it crazy things like the speed of light, water as a miracle, and quantum jumps and physics and mechanics that are explained more in probabilities, the many world theories that are so fantastic, so expansive it is like toying with the eternal on a slow day.

Be of this unfettered mind; check your fear and doubt and negation at the door of what you deem is possible today.  Let this prosperity, not only flow into your life, let you, at your core, believe you are prosperity, you are abundance, you are the unraveling of limited thought as you project your perfect view of this world, on to the white and blank canvas of the masterpiece you are painting today, vibrating into the future, as you leave a trail of coins, and treasures, and assets and monogrammed shirts in your toolbox of getting it all.  The symphony of life is to play; your life is to progress and shoot into the stars of what you finally realize are the possibilities from now until forever.

You are abundance.  Everything is coming your way.  You attract prosperity because you deeply, with no doubt, right now completely realize: “I am prosperity.”

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The Richest Are in the Ratios

How bad do you want to succeed? Is it merely an idea that you toy with? Or is it a burning desire that you absolutely want? Do you have the determination and disciple to create what you want? How about this, from Scaling Up, Verne Harnish: “We have the answers, all the answers: it is the question we do not know.” I say the question (in growing revenues) is: What is my ratio? Do you even have a clue? And if the ratio doesn’t or hasn’t appeared, it is because you are not even attempting to understand it, to track it, to find the theme, the continuation or metrics of that ratio. Why not realize, discover, uncover, how to play the wealthiest game in town? And what is that? The game of seeing your ratio in what you do, in getting new clients, so as to create something remarkable to happen. Sure, this first question should be: What do I want? What do I want to have happen? Get clear: Clear on your purpose, your focus, your mission, the aligning of all your actions with the gifts and talents you have; then (and only then) begin to take steps in the direction of your dreams. Getting to your dreams — can be tracked. You can find the ratio, a way of getting to them, by tracking and measuring, tacking in the wind, setting the sail, maneuvering, adjusting: But where is the ratio, the numbers, the mathematics, the measuring of effort that results always in a result? Believe it is there and it will appear. So get excited about finding your ratio, one out of ten, two out of ten, and then use that ratio to put in the effort, the actions needed to make something happen, to make what you want to have happen, really, actually, magically, show up in your physically show world. Effort always equals results when there is a clear line of sight, a clear path to be followed, tracked, watched, and analyzed. Why is it that so few people do this? Why is it such a simple concept, and yet, only the highly productive, highly profitable, highly determined few will do this? Because only a few want to be accountable; many want excuses. They want reasons, justifications on why all their displaced and good intensions result in almost nothing. For to measure effort, actions, especially sales calls (prospecting &networking) is to know your ratio. When you contact two people in a week, and you get no new clients; then you are looking for all the reasons why you are not getting results, not helping your company grow, not making your dreams happen, it is simple: You are not putting in the massive and concentrated and focused effort. And here is the most profound idea I have heard all month: “Too many people are being attracted to their distractions.” Wow! John Addison said that. Track your numbers: You will see a ratio appear. You may not want to see it. But it may tell you: “Hey, it is time to do something.” Quit taking meek and marginal action. Prove it, on paper, with numbers, with metrics, that you finally did something spectacular; you took massive action, this day, this week. Manage your distractions so well, you get the results you desire. And what happens when you take massive action, in the right direction, with the right attitude, with the right resolve? You will always get the results you deserve. Always! Do little, get little. Use excuses; create more frustration, fractured, diffused and diffracted energy. Do what you know you should, the difficult stuff, the prospecting, the chunks of time in digging for gold, and you will see the results you desire. The right things begin to happen, to elevate your station, to inspire you and those who are in your wake. Get into the game, by seeking to see your real ratio. Do this and you have a system, a pattern of success that does not lie. Do this and you have your answer to the right question: How do I get the results I want? Oh, by the way, yes, this takes ambition. Do you have some? “Momentum is earned.” – GP. Results fuel higher achievement. Are you willing to do what it takes to thrive? Yes? Then track your numbers.

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The Power to Produce

In this world, in your life, what is it that you want to see happen, to get done? What is it that would be a measuring stick for your success?  What is it that you know, if you did it, did it well, created this result, you obviously would go: “Wow, now isn’t this amazing!”

            Do you really know the difference between activity and productivity, between moving around and moving mountains, between doing a thing, and getting a progressive result, between playing house and playing to win, between being a pretender or a contender?

            Today, are you committed to get a result, maybe one specific result?  Say in business, what are the measurables?  What are the key points, key results?  Can you identify and measure and track your key performance indicators?  

            To grow a dream, you need revenues; you need to know the numbers, the ways to track progress. 

So often, people believe, showing up is success.  Being there is half the game.  Being nice and caring is what we all need to do.  But if you are not willing to make something happen, increase sales, get new customers, grow more effective and productive leaders, create better systems, then, (as it fits in the business model) — are you not just spinning your wheels,  spinning tall tales that have no impact?

            The power to produce is the power inside of you to inspire, to create something that matters to happen: A goal, an achievement, a company’s % of growth, butts in the seats in a seminar, real, bottom line numbers that are exciting not anemic.

Don’t do more of the things that don’t matter.  Don’t achieve massive results in areas no one cares about.  Do not do a thing that has little or no impact, that gets you perhaps around the block when you need to go around the world.

            This day, commit yourself to produce. Get crystal clear on what you want to make happen.  And go about your business, like a madman, like a monomaniac, a focused visionary, creating what you want to happen. Get it to show up (really appear) in your real, physical world.

Do this in your business world, in with your family and relationships, in all aspects of your life.  Don’t just get by, or get through.  Don’t use more excuses, or use time as a waste byproduct.

           Instead, produce.  Produce a dream. Produce success.  But most importantly, produce the income that will fuel those dreams.  Revenues grow things; they are the foundation of the physical world.   Just believe you can do it.  Believe it is going to happen.  Believe that, no matter what, with resolve and resplendent honor, with courage and determination, you absolutely will get your desired results.

Believing in the power to produce, to get a result, to make what you want to happen to happen, is pure, personal power.  Believe you can do a thing, not tomorrow, not soon, but today, right now, at this moment, in this instant; then you will feel overwhelming excitement as this real production releases endorphins.

            Do this, embrace this power to produce and you will become the most valuable person in your circle of influence.  You will realize this is a fun, creating vacation (you are manufacturing) on beautiful planet Earth.

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The Power of Inspiration (#?)

            To live along the pathways to greatness, to see the undulating joy, to wonder and wander and gather and go and grow and forgive and be filled with gratitude, appreciation, to value what is valuable, then to share it all through smiling eyes, humor, through song, fun, and to paint the vision of what is to be, and to see if you can get other minds to catch that dream, to see all the way to the end in mind, is where you can find your inspiration.

            To be truly alive, awake, evolved and involved, with resolve and purpose, to throw out a net to fish for schools, creatures unknown from the deepest seas, lost treasure chests, rather than always to only try to hook one on line; to realize everything is wonderful, spectacular, quietly profound, of substance, and that your mindset, your superior attitude and alignment with what is, with the proverb energies, isn’t this where you get the juice, explore and discover the meaning of life?

And isn’t that what we all seek, the meaning of life? And isn’t the living it, creating it, actually not seeking it, but being it — the clue?  So that it comes up to meet you, like a lost horse to your carrot, a new sunrise to your awakened beginner eyes?

            This day inspire yourself.  See if you can dance and play and love and guffaw and traverse the trials and lessons.  Take the profound gifts of muses and poets and inspiration, of charisma, of who you are piqued and focused on an outcome, then have that outcome be more of the experience of now, bliss, the truth of now. 

Find the relationship you can couple others with: “Now-extended,” and you will be on the pathways of sages, the truth of living in wisdom, enjoying: Make the most of your gifts, this perfection of a day.

Find within yourself that desire to influence, have an impact, give back, be it a smile, encouragement, contact-high energy, and leave an imprint. 

For when you influence others along their journey through, exploding colors, the very essence and awe of being exactly who you are, then this day, this moment, this pure and undulating,  this captivating experience is the ripple effect, the butterfly effect, the undulating effect of realizing you are inspired and touching others with this igniting Elmo’s-like Fire.

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